Make Your Own Stickers – Make A Sea Creature & Fish Sticker Sheets – 12 Pack Assorted – for Kids, Boys, Girls, Party Favors, Arts & Crafts, Home, Playing, Education, & Daycare – Kidsco

Published on April 8, 2019

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Kidsco – Make-A-Sea Ocean Animal Fish Sticker Sheets – 12 Pack – For Kids, Arts, Crafts, School, Daycare, Etc.

Product Description

Want your kids to get creative?

Maybe you want some for the classroom.

Either or these stickers will do the job!

Kidsco’s make-a-sea creature sticker set is ideal for children.

Set comes in a pack of 12 sticker sheets with 20-24 ticker per sheet.

This means your getting over a hundred stickers!

Stickers come in a variety of Octopus, turtle, fish, sharks and other sea animals.

Sheets come with different body part stickers and accessories adding even more variety.

The possibilities are endless!

With over a hundred stickers you can bring these to parties, daycares, school etc.

Can be used in the classroom for educational purposes to teach children about aquatic creatures.12 PACK- Kidsco Make-a-sea creature animal stickers come in  a pack of 13 sheets for the best value possible. There about 20 to 24 stickers per sheet giving you over a hundred stickers!
ASSORTED ANIMALS- Kidscos sea creature stickers come in a variety of assorted sea creatures and assorted body part and accessories. Includes clown fish, octopus, turtle, and more with different body part stickers and accessories.
GREAT FOR KIDS- Kids will absolutely love getting creative with these sticker sheets. They will love coming up with different combinations of stickers and will get a great kick out of what they come up with.
GREAT FOR PARTY- These stickers grea great to bring to kids parties! Children will love making their own creations and showing each other what they make! Kids can even trade stickers to really mix it up and have fun
GREAT FOR SCHOOL- These stickers are a great addition to any child classroom setting. Can be used for educational purposes to teach children about aquatic life and sea creatures.